Quick Write: Painting Adventure (Part 2)

I started a painting project about a month ago after a spontaneous weekend trip to Flax. My objective was to paint something San Francisco inspired, which would worthy enough to be hung as a living room painting.

Instead of any of the bridges or local landmarks, I chose a memory from attending 2012 NLCS’s Game 7 at AT&T Park, and this was my progress.



I’m just about done with my painting now, but it’s too wet to hang up yet. I’ll have to share the finished product in the third and final part to my painting adventure.

Quick Write: Painting Adventure (Part 2)

Quick Write: Painting Adventure (Part 1)

I have this creative itch. All of a sudden I want to create a variety of different projects using different mediums, and I would ideally want them all done by the end of the year. (I have this unfulfilled desire to finish the year strong and accomplished apparently.) Knowing that I physically can’t accomplish everything that I want to do by December 31, 2013 (including creating a video from Adobe After Effects, which I’ve still yet to learn on my own), I settled for a statement painting.

Optimistic about FLAX having canvas sales, I meandered my way last weekend to a pleasant surprise of 50% OFF CANVASES! My heart was racing as I tried to calm my nerves. Do I get the 20×20? 24×36? I ended up getting both. I probably would’ve purchased more if I didn’t wonder what the struggle of bringing 5 different sized canvases on the MUNI home. Thankfully, I work in the neighborhood, so I’m already looking forward to my next visit.

With two canvases in hand, three bottles of acrylic paint (orange, green, and grey), and a legit painter’s palette, I continued to wander around the store. Only half of it though, because I aimed to keep my trip under an hour. I sat in front of the book section and spent a good 15-20 minutes paging through artistic inspirations and techniques. My trip was probably an hour and a half.

Overjoyed with my purchases, I eagerly set-up my painting (studio) corner and began to paint.


To be continued…


Quick Write: Painting Adventure (Part 1)

Inspired by Dr. Seuss

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.

Black fish, blue fish, old fish, new fish.

This one has a little star. This one has a little car.

Say! What a lot of fish there are.

– Dr. Seuss


I also painted some green eggs and ham the day after!


Come to think of it, this makes it my 3rd Dr. Seuss inspired painting after designing the Lorax Bunch!

Both Dr. Seuss recreations were appreciation gifts that were given in lieu of thanksgiving season.

Inspired by Dr. Seuss

First Week Success!

Last week was an intense but successful week! I taught back-to-back two 1-hour classes on painting. I got to dust off my teaching skills (in Chinese) with a bunch of first graders.

First Day: I explained our art objective and what we would try to accomplish by the end of the week. We discussed the different seasons and which ones were our favorite. For the rest of the class, we sketched a “blueprint” of our scenery that we would later paint the following days. Continue reading “First Week Success!”

First Week Success!