CAIS: At 30, I Stood Strong (Feb 2013)

CAIS logo

Objective: Design CAIS’s 2011-2012 30th anniversary annual report and track online readership.

In highlighting the Chinese American International School’s 30th anniversary year, I designed the entire layout and digitally published CAIS’s 2011-2012 annual report. As the Communications Associate of a two-person communication team, I elevated the look and feel of Chinese American International School’s visual communication and brand strategy. I designed the 2011-2012 annual report to reflect the school’s traditions and history to honor its past 30 years as a premiere dual language immersion institution.  The 48 page all color annual report was also the first to be introduced on a digital publishing platform where readership could be measured. It is currently the school’s second most read publication with over 6,000 impressions on


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