Illustrations with New Relic

It was fun to help former colleagues create posters for their culture activities at work!
Shoutout to Maria Stopak for leading Toastmasters club (aka Nerdmasters) and Virginette Acacio for leading Filipino Lunch ‘n Learn at New Relic!

“They look so good, I love them. It’s helped us get a few new members!” – Maria

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Illustrations with New Relic

Leaving the New Relic “Aquarium”

My desk at New Relic, Inc. started out 2 years ago in a high traffic area. So to meet new people, I would ask teammates who walked past to draw me a fish.

I explained that I felt like we were in an aquarium swimming to and from on the 10th floor where marketing sat. (My Pre-K teacher side was clearly showing itself.)

After a few months, I was able to collect a variety of fishes that I put on display by my desk. (And then I decided to collect other post-it drawings and then I moved desks…but anyways I finally took out the fishes on my last day.)

And what I saw was that an aquarium is beautiful when we have different fishes swimming in it. :)

Thanks old and new fishes for joining my New Relic journey! Now off to swim in a different aquarium!

Leaving the New Relic “Aquarium”

7 Ways Going to Conferences Reminds Me of Digital Marketing

I like to draw analogies to marketing. (I also like to draw, period.) I’ve compared cooking to planning a promotion. I’ve compared a claw machine to marketing fundamentals. And lately, I’ve found that going to conference sessions is a lot like digital advertising. Allow me to explain.

1. Session advertisement (Channel)

When I arrive at a conference, how do I know what sessions to go to? Do I look through the conference hand out or website agenda? Do I refer to the conference app or an email? Or does someone verbally recommend me to attend a session? Much like our different marketing channels or mediums, there are many different ways for me to get information (website, social media, email, etc.). In this case, I refer to the conference app to pick my session.

2. Session title (Ad creative)

Session titles and descriptions are really important when shopping for a session. For example, I would much rather choose a session title like “Meetings Suck: Designing Better Creative Collaboration” than “Demystifying Ad Fraud with Emerging Marketing Technologies and Insight Versatility [insert more industry jargon].” I think of session titles like ad creatives. In a sea of ads, which one catches my attention? Which session title would I attend over others? Like a good session title, successful ad creatives can get someone to pause for consideration. In this case, I decide to attend “Supercharge your Storytelling Strategies #FTW.”

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7 Ways Going to Conferences Reminds Me of Digital Marketing