A Superstar Pencil (Script)

superstar pencil screenshot

Written and illustrated by, Angel Chang

First day of school is tomorrow, and Young Pencil looks depressed.
“Why are you sad?” asked Grandma Pencil.

“My coat isn’t shiny.”

“I can’t color.”

“I don’t have an eraser.”

“And I’m not very tall,” cried Young Pencil. “I’m just an ordinary pencil.”

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A Superstar Pencil (Script)

Celebrating World Sight Day with Free iBook!

To all glasses-wearing enthusiasts!

Thursday, October 9, 2014 is World Sight Day, an annual day to bring global awareness to blindness and vision impairment. Having dealt with vision problems for much of my life, I was inspired to write Siris the Rhino in March 2014 to help children who are dealing with vision impairment. In celebration of World Sight Day, I’m releasing free iBook download to Siris the Rhino!

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Celebrating World Sight Day with Free iBook!