(Re)-visiting the Pre-K Classroom

10/22/15 UPDATE!


In the spirit of (belated) back to school season, I jumped at the chance to volunteer in a school setting with young kids. I was especially excited to volunteer at one of IHSD’s early childhood education centers.

In fact for two years, I used to be a Head Start teacher for Institute for Human and Social Development (IHSD), where their mission is to provide excellent child development and support services to the highest needs children 0-5 years old.

With multiple sites across San Mateo County (and I used to teach at a site in Half Moon Bay), I chose to volunteer at a site in Daly City, where my former site supervisor now manages. I worked with 2 special needs children making a collage. I discussed making princess sand castles with little girls at the sand tray. I helped manage the writing table where a handful of children discovered the art of colored tape. I read Dr. Seuss’s “What Pet Should I Get?” I helped supervise their lunch time as they feasted on chicken nuggets.

Despite this opportunity fulfilling a very personal connection, the staff was very welcoming and encouraged other colleagues to volunteer in the classroom too. Conversations around early childhood education (Pre-K) are largely overlooked in an education system built on K-12, so any advocates to help support our youngest (and cutest) learners are always welcomed!

Thank you for the opportunity and experience! – Angel Chang


(Re)-visiting the Pre-K Classroom

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