More Puppets in B2B Videos

Whenever I see a company’s video (especially in #b2btech) that opens with optimistic instrumental music and off-centered talking individuals (you know what I’m talking about) or a pan of the side of a building, I catch myself excitedly thinking it’s going to be an SNL-like parody. Anyone else or just me?

A minute in and nothing’s really changed. It’s the same music now showing candid shots of people working. Classic. “Oh, they’re serious,” I disappointedly think.

Then there’s Dropbox‘s #recruiting video, which debuted 3 years ago today! (A strange coincidence when I decided to write this post.) It’s still much better than other new recruiting videos I’m seeing.

It shows they don’t take themselves too seriously and is a great example how to cut through the noise with a little fun and creativity, something I think we all should do a little bit more! Like if you agree!

#puppetsftw #notanendorsement #idontworkatdropbox #culture

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More Puppets in B2B Videos

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