Celebrating Nerd Holidays 2016

Objective: Promote nerd holidays that align with New Relic’s data nerd culture.

As the Performance Marketing Specialist, I had the biggest influences with advertising on social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. Beyond many product campaigns, I had the biggest interest in promoting messages that celebrated New Relic’s nerd culture. Joining the conversations around these nerd holidays helped boost awareness and engagement. I worked with our Social Media Manager to promote from the organic side and our creative team to provide creative assets.

#PiDay (3/14/2016)

1 channel (Twitter), less than $500 spend, 0.66% engagement rate

#NationalProgrammersDay (9/12/2016)

I led the efforts for a donut party giveaway to celebrate our programmers! I worked with our legal team to provide the terms and conditions. I created a Google form where I attached the T&C’s. I worked with our graphic designer to create visual assets. I worked with our social media manager to help promote it from the organic side. I ordered all the donut party prizes and promoted it from a paid social side.

  • idea born: 9/1/16
  • campaign date: 9/12 – 9/14/16
  • prizes: donut decor, Dunkin’ Donuts mug, Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, $100 gift card TBD, donut inflatables
  • avg CTR (paid): 1.62%
  • avg CTR (org): 0.38%
  • total form fills: 38 (incl. 5 international (Nepal, UK, Canada)
  • some job titles: VP Marketing, CEO, IT Manager, Sr. Tech Analyst, CTO, Application Solutions Analyst, student, Engineer Manager
  • some companies: Epicodus, Lannett Co., Sketchers USA, Digital Ocean
  • favorite tech languages: Ruby, Javascript, C#
  • winner: Jessiah R., Backend Developer, (Santa Cruz, CA)

(social media, campaign management, creative marketing)


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