(April 2015)

Objective: Support the launch of’s Redbird Mathematics: Advanced Edition, a revolutionary and new online math course for K-7th grade students.

I managed and produced the creative assets for both online and offline advertising. Taking on the concept to “Unleash Your Child’s Genius,” I crafted the visual using an enthusiastic screaming child in front of a math chalkboard. Other visuals included children demonstrating intelligence, the software, and success.


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I was also invited to a local Bay Area radio interview by Sound of Hope FM96.1 and had to conduct the interview on behalf of in Chinese! Check it out here!


Developed by Stanford University, is the premier online community dedicated to advanced learning for K-12 students offering online courses, expert tutors, information and advice designed to help parents and educators develop accelerated learners. A study found that our Tutor Supported K-7 Math learning program helps students advance an average of two complete grade levels beyond their chronological grade. The Independent Study Math learning program helps students accelerate one full grade level.


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