CAIS: Year of the Horse (Jan 2014)

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Objective: Advance the look-and-feel of Chinese American International School’s Chinese New Year celebration.

The Year of the Horse brought a festive Chinese New Year celebration for CAIS unlike any others in the past. For years, the annual Chinese New Year (CNY) event was celebrated as an internal community event. Seeing the event as a big marketing opportunity for the school, I suggested the event to be outward facing and engage external community members. With artwork contributed by second grade students, I designed the first cohesive Chinese New Year look-and-feel that would be reflected in postcard greetings, posters, performance programs, and fence line banners.

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I also initiated and managed CAIS’s first Chinese New Year webpage, a solution to post all CNY announcements and updates. The webpage tracked over 600 page visits during the week of the major holiday. The webpage also hosted embedded live streaming video by a professional team, a solution to engage digital audiences with the school’s festive performance program. Over 200 devices (mobile and computers) joined the streaming. I also managed the first CNY live streaming overflow party, a solution to allow onsite family members and friends to still enjoy the performance program on school grounds in front of a televised screen when seating capacity is very limited.

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