Welcome to My Pre-K Classroom (Jun 2009)

After completing my first year as a Pre-K teacher, I spontaneously created this stop motion animated video to reflect on my accomplishments as a Teach For America (TFA) corps member and raise more awareness about the Pre-K movement. What was meant to only be a personal creative project later became a widely shared video in the Teach For America national community and earned a spot as finalist in TFA’s 2009 Show and Tell Video Contest.

Summer break was approaching, and I had just rewarded myself with my 1st MacBook. I started exploring the different MacBook applications and decided to try and make a video using iMovie. With a kid-size chalkboard, my digital camera, and some photos from the school year, I put together a montage that combined the importance of Pre-K, Teach For Amerca’s mission, and the memorable year I had teaching.

I shared this with my Teach For America program manager and immediately received high praise for my work. Coincidentally that summer, Teach For America was hosting a Show and Tell video contest. I submitted my video and became one of five national finalists.

(All photos and illustrations provided by Angel Chang)


“This thing is spreading like wildfire – everyone in our office loved it. You should be so proud of this work – it gives such an authentic voice to the Pre-K movement.” – Nima Tahai, Teach For America, Bay Area Program Director

“Wow! Great job!! Your students were so lucky to have you!!” – Jenny Behears, Teach For America staff

“What an incredible video – our staff was blown away watching it today. You did an amazing job sharing your work with audiences that might not understand the importance of early childhood education.” – Emily Bobel, Teach For America, Bay Area Executive Director


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