Designing for Our Wedding (July 2016)

I took liberties in exercising some creative design skills while planning our wedding.

Logo Design

On a day that I walked in to San Francisco’s Mission Workshop, I was inspired by a logo design on the wall (seen here on the window) to create our own wedding logo (top). I mimic the design to space out each letter of a phrase and leave the top left corner blank.


Photo Booth Design

I love to doodle. I also love animated faces. So I was especially excited to share a no-props photo booth idea and have guests instead doodle (and/or write a message) on their photos!

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Communication Design

Using my email marketing experience, I designed and tracked our wedding communication using MailChimp* as a free service (with exception of a few printed invites for our elderly guests). We used it to send out our save the dates, guest confirmation, logistics planning, and event reminder. Email reigns in modern-day communication, and I would totally recommend it for anyone who has basic email skills.

*Around March/April 2016, MailChimp warned that they may not support sending emails on behalf of personal email addresses from (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, etc.). That’s when I decided to use Mailchimp soley for email design and export the HTML to send in Gmail. 


Printed Program Design

We decided to not have a wedding website, so I felt compelled to design a printed program that would include extra elements normally found on a wedding website. In addition to our reception menu, we included family and wedding party names. We also included fun facts about the bride and groom. We also provided a Chinese printed version for family. The San Francisco logo is created by Daniel Fuhrer.



Fashion Design

Hardly justified as true fashion design, I put together my own wedding outfit so I can save money and have ice cream. Inspired by Olivia Palermo’s separates look, I started with a custom tulle skirt from Etsy (I first ordered the white and then realized it was too bright and then reordered an ivory skirt) and lace shirt from Nordstrom. I had the lace shirt altered. As a first time customer, I had 20% off my first order with Rent the Runway, where I rented a white feather jacket and large Kate Spade earrings. I made my own jeweled belt (that busted a few times, but thank goodness for safety pins!) from a Claire’s hair accessory and some ribbon. Bought a nude tube top to wear under, and a dear bridesmaid gifted a simple bird cage veil (thanks Laura!). Total outfit = less than $500.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 11.16.41 PM


Cake Design

I should really credit my husband who helped me engineer and execute our idea. Because we’re both big fans of ice cream, we opted to not have any cake for the wedding. Instead, I asked Three Twins to provide empty ice cream cartons for us to build our “Wedding Ice Cream Carton Cake.” Each carton was weighted with uncooked rice (so no real ice cream inside!). And then, they were stacked by 4×4 (16), 3×3 (9), 2×4 (8), 2×2 (4), 2×1 (2), and then 1.

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