Siris the Rhino (Mar 2014)

Born to parents who wore glasses, I started wearing glasses in kindergarten. My eyesight progressively got worse through my teen years. My vision was so blurry that I could be legally blind. Even after the decision to get Lasik at the end of college, I still depend on glasses (currently) as an adult.

In 2003, I started having trouble seeing out of my left eye. It was cloudy and sensitive to light, and later I was diagnosed with uveitis, inflammation of the iris. After three years of treatment, I was still not completely cured, doctors couldn’t determine the cause, and my frustration only grew.

To cope with having a chronic eye condition, I wanted to create a children’s book character who would also befriend young children struggling with poor eyesight. Siris the Rhino was my 1st book project using rhymes inspired by Dr. Seuss and all vector-drawn illustrations via Adobe Illustrator.





My goal of this book project was to help me cope with having an eye disease, practice writing in rhymes, and try character design using Adobe Illustrator. Only a few copies were made and shared.

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printed softcover and hardcover books


I also printed stickers to help share my project.

book fans


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Summer 2017 Update

Siris the Rhino gets redrawn and added to my 1st official book project under the pen name Angel Halo Chang! Click here to learn more!


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