Forever Glasses Girl Introduces Siris

Dear pediatric optometry friends,

I started wearing glasses in kindergarten. I had Lasik eye surgery in college but still managed to depend on glasses even after the procedure. After being diagnosed with uveitis 3 years ago and still in treatment today, I can kiss away any hopes of ever having perfect vision. Combining by my passions for children and education and experiences with different eye care specialists, I discovered a lack in good markets for children’s eyewear.

I started questioning pediatric optometry and why that isn’t a bigger field. Pediatric dentistry certainly exists with dental offices adorned with kid-friendly decor. The eye care specialists I see tell me they have child patients too, and it’s mildly depressing to know I share the same gravely looking seat as a young child. Looking back, I can’t remember any positive experiences as a kid coming out of optometrists’ office.

On a personal initiative to support children who suffer from poor vision and eye diseases, I’m excited to design resources to promote pediatric eye care.

Introducing, Siris (SY-rus) the Rhino! 


As a rhino, Siris was born with poor vision and bumping into other animals on accident. Then, he gets glasses! Siris now sees much clearer and uses the strength of his horn to clear heavy rocks from the road. Siris, thankfully, isn’t the only animal that receives the help of friendly optometrists.



I’m a story writer and illustrator, an education advocate, a communications professional, and glasses wearer for life. Let me know what you think!



Angel Chang


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Forever Glasses Girl Introduces Siris