Exploring Patterns

After crafting a lot of cute green rhinos, I wanted to explore more a sophisticated design with patterns and doodles. Of course, I had to start the evolving process with bright colors and crayons. :)


A Zentangle is an abstract drawing created using repetitive patterns according to the trademarked Zentangle Method. – How to Make a Zentangle

Unlike doodling, I found that drawing patterns is very intentional and more challenging than I had first thought. The possibilities of lines and shapes were endless. I couldn’t even come up with 10 distinct patterns in one sitting. I also found a lot of inspiration on Pinterest.

Zentangle is very gestalt, no? Where the sum of its parts make up the whole. Knowing this, I decided to simplify my pattern designs and start from a very definitive shape—a leaf. I then filled in each of the lines with a set of simple patterns. It turned out to be a successful exercise, so I took it to the canvas.


A friend gifted me a 24 x 36″ black canvas. (Thanks Bean!) The blank space intrigued me for months while I debated back and forth between ideas. It finally made sense for me to mimic something I was already familiar with and created in my sketchbook.

Using blue tape, white paint, and thin brushes, I created the leaf shape and its lines. Over the course of a few weeks, I filled in the lines with new and detailed patterns.



Exploring Patterns

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