DIY Diaper Bouquet

I just completed my 2nd diaper bouquet and updated my DIY guide here (to remind myself how to make them more efficiently in the future–ha!). I got the diapers, ribbon, and tulle from Amazon. I got the vase, tissue paper, and flowers from Dollar Tree. I got the hair ties and sticks from Daiso. The arrangement becomes very big and top heavy, and I didn’t get to put enough weight into the last 2 arrangements to keep it more stable. Mental note!




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70-80 size 2 or 3 diapers
1 6 in. styrofoam ball
1 spools of colored ribbon
1 spool of 6 in. tulle
1 medium glass vase
70-80 splinter-free wooden chopsticks/skewers
70-80 small clear hair ties
2 packs of colored tissue paper
5 bunches of fake flowers
some patience :)

1. Tightly roll diapers onto the thick end of a stick and secure with clear hair tie. (Roll about 10-15 diaper rolls at a time.)
2. Wrap each diaper roll with a piece of tulle and tie colored ribbon.
3. Fit the styrofoam ball on top of the vase.
4. Start to stick the diaper rolls around the circumference of the base and work your way to the top. (Repeat steps 2-5 until all diapers flowers are used up.)
5. Fill the empty spots in the bouquet with pieces of tissues paper and fake flowers.

*If not enough resources to fill entire ball (the way I did it the first time), move the fillers to whichever side you would call the front for the best presentation. :)

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