Project 100 Christmas Cards (November 2014)

When I tutored through the holiday season last year, my then-2nd grade private tutor-student wanted to share all the Christmas (photo) cards from the families of her schoolmates. She had 15+ different custom printed holiday greetings from other families at her school.

In thinking of creative projects, card making, and the holidays, I wondered how many cards less fortunate people get during Christmas–likely little if at all. Would they appreciate a uniquely made Christmas card?

So rather than make unique Christmas cards for family/friends this season, I want to make unique Christmas cards to giveaway to less fortunate people.

  • Inspiration: Pinterest board
  • Tools/resources: 100 blank cards with envelopes that I’ll look for and then other creative scraps.
  • Deadline: 6 weeks from now due December 14, 2014
  • Method: 10 different designs at 10 cards/design. A few dedicated hours/weekend card making.
  • Theme: A Heart-to-Heart Christmas
  • Goal: Gift 100 handmade heartfelt Christmas cards for a TBD organization to distribute
Sketching 10 different designs
Sketching 10 different designs.
project chrismtas cards_2
Planning to design the 1st of 10 Christmas.
project chrismtas cards_3
Pipe cleaner Christmas trees!



I was a day or two late, but I completed my goal of making 100 Christmas cards and delivering them to Meals on Wheels of San Francisco! Do you see the heart theme?





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