CAIS mission as art!

After completing the first summer session with culturally inspired season paintings, I admit I had to think on my feet to determine what our second session project was going to be. (My mistake was assuming I was going to teach season paintings every week for both sessions, but it turns out a majority of first session students were going to return for second session too. Wouldn’t want these repeat kids to do the same project again!)

With an estimate of four canvases per every child in both sessions for materials, I had to think of another way to utilize my resources without creating a new project with new materials. It then occurred to me that our CAIS mission was comprised of 3 phrases made up of four Chinese characters each!

心怀中华 (Embrace Chinese)

精益求精 (Become your best self)

立足世界 (Create your place in the world)

For the oldest students, I assigned our “abstract” painting project using the second phrase, “精益求精 (Become your best self).” And for rest of the art class students, we spelled out, “立足世界 (Create your place in the world).”

1. We used skinny masking tape to create the Chinese character on our canvas.

2. We painted over the tape with acrylic paints and explored designing patters with shapes and lines.

3. Once all four canvases with characters were painted and dried, we peeled off the tape to reveal a nice clean Chinese character!

4. Then we outlined the Chinese character with some glue and sprinkled uncooked rice for some texture.



(Materials used: 6.22 x 8.94in canvas from Daiso Japan, acrylic paints and brushes, masking tape, glue, uncooked rice grains)

CAIS mission as art!