Leaving the New Relic “Aquarium”

My desk at New Relic, Inc. started out 2 years ago in a high traffic area. So to meet new people, I would ask teammates who walked past to draw me a fish.

I explained that I felt like we were in an aquarium swimming to and from on the 10th floor where marketing sat. (My Pre-K teacher side was clearly showing itself.)

After a few months, I was able to collect a variety of fishes that I put on display by my desk. (And then I decided to collect other post-it drawings and then I moved desks…but anyways I finally took out the fishes on my last day.)

And what I saw was that an aquarium is beautiful when we have different fishes swimming in it. :)

Thanks old and new fishes for joining my New Relic journey! Now off to swim in a different aquarium!

Leaving the New Relic “Aquarium”

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