My career is far from a straight line

My career is far from a straight line, and yet it’s actually starting to look like a circle.

I graduated with a Communications degree wanting to be an event planner, but I decided instead to teach Pre-K to low-income families for two years. I loved my students, but I left teaching with the hope to make a bigger impact outside the classroom.

I navigated my way through a resume of different jobs including nonprofits, a startup, B2B tech, and an agency. At each chapter (be it at a company or unemployment), I was always proud to have started as a Pre-K teacher.

This fall marks a new decade since I started teaching with Institute for Human and Social Development, Inc. And, it is with great joy that I finally found the perfect opportunity where I can make that impact.

As IHSD’s newest (contract) marketing lead, I’ll be supporting the very same organization that gave me that teaching job. My job will be share IHSD’s awesomeness with the goal to serve more families. Help us offer scholarships to future families by making a donation using the link below!

So, thank you for being a part of my career journey, and to be continued!

P.S. Looking for quality childcare in Palo Alto? We just opened a new site by IKEA! :)

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My career is far from a straight line

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  1. Angel Fan says:

    I’ve been following your creative journey since the early years and continue to be a big fan. To pressing onward!

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