The Golden Doodle (Painting)

There’s a big white space above our living room bar cabinet that we’ve been wanting to fill for a while now. My intention was to paint something, but nothing came to mind.

Then sometime in May, we picked up our newest member of our family, Pork Chop! He’s a straight and shaggy coat Goldendoodle, and he took up much of the living room space by the bar cabinet and became my creative muse!

In an effort to preserve his puppy youth, I was inspired to create an abstract painting and have a creative session with Pork Chop.

Tools used:

  • 36×48 in white stretched canvas (I got it 50% off from Michael’s!)
  • assorted non-toxic acrylic paints
  • paint brushes and spatulas
  • gold leaf
  • gesso modeling paste

I started with some yellow and red to create a warm background. Look here like ketchup and mustard mess.

Spread spread spread!

Then I started playing with some gold leaf sheets on top of the wet paint. I’ve always wanted to experiment with gold leaf, because it looks so cool as if I actually “painted” with gold.

Then I added some blues and had Pork Chop help paw paint with dark blue green!

Here he is stepping around while I led him with treats. :)

Here’s a video of me leading him around the canvas.

Then after a few more layers of paint, voila! Here’s the final painting and the proud furry artist. I call this painting “The Golden Doodle.”

The Golden Doodle (Painting)

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