Top Selfies 2017

Close family and friends know that I am pretty good at taking group selfies. That said, here’s a look back at my top 10 selfies from 2017.

10. Godzilla!

My 1st trip to Japan and had to take a selfie with this celeb! (May 2017)

9. Let’s go Lakers!

Mom’s 1st visit to Staples Center (Dec 2017)

8. Happy Birthday, April!

(April 2017)

7. Photobomb Selfie

On my 2nd trip to Disneyland this year with good friends (August 2017)

6. Meet Frankenpumpkin

Winner of office pumpkin carving contest (Oct 2017)

5. Snapchat with KD!

Dubs win the Finals! (June 2017)

4. Mama and Papa Halo Chang

My parents supporting my 1st book project (May 2017)

3. Stormtroopers!

Disney’s Star Wars Half Marathon (Jan 2017)

2. Elevator Record

1 elevator. 1 selfie. 13 people. (Aug 2017)

1. Grandma’s Smile

Visiting grandma in Taiwan on her 100th birthday (Mar 2017)
Top Selfies 2017

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