A Superstar Pencil (Script)

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Written and illustrated by, Angel Chang

First day of school is tomorrow, and Young Pencil looks depressed.
“Why are you sad?” asked Grandma Pencil.

“My coat isn’t shiny.”

“I can’t color.”

“I don’t have an eraser.”

“And I’m not very tall,” cried Young Pencil. “I’m just an ordinary pencil.”

Grandma Pencil was disappointed with Young Pencil’s attitude. She was silent with a frown on her face. She paced back and forth while gathering her thoughts.
“Grandma?” asked the concerned Young Pencil.

“What good comes from a shiny coat if it has no lead on the inside? It’s not what’s on the outside that counts. It’s what’s on the inside that counts.”

“Can you not write and draw the same things, if not better, than a blue or orange pencil can? Don’t be remembered for what color you are. Be remembered for what you create in the world.”

“What good is a pencil with a big eraser that spends all day correcting its’ mistakes? A pencil with a worn down eraser spent a lot of time fixing errors. A pencil with a worn down tip spent a lot of time writing down ideas.”

“A pencil that wants to stay tall is not a hardworking pencil. A hardworking pencil understands not having to be the tallest. It’s being the sharpest and overcoming challenges to be the best.”

The next day, Young Pencil reflected on Grandma Pencil’s advice and smiled. Young Pencil dreamt about new possibilities and couldn’t wait for the new school year to start.


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A Superstar Pencil (Script)

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