5 Tips to Resume Writing

Does your current #resume look visibly different than when you first started looking for a job? I’ve had my share of job hunts, and I used to critique resumes as a job in college. (Anyone remember resume paper?)

So it was fun to discover some copies of my past resumes and visibly see the evolution of my style on paper. With my experience writing resumes combined with advertising, here are my 5 tips to get you noticed!

  1. 1 page still reigns, really. It’s like dimensions to a Instagram photo. You only get so much space, so make use of it!
  2. Color helps!
  3. With the 99% chance it’ll being viewed online, add links to webpages (portfolio preferably or even company websites) from your text.
  4. Add your professional social media presence. LinkedIn’s a given to me, but it’s not always that obvious.
  5. Lastly, consider adding a “Learn More” button that links to more information!

After all, your resume is like an ad, and you want recruiters to learn more right? #digitalmarketing Like if you agree!

(Post as seen on LinkedIn.)

5 Tips to Resume Writing

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